Choose your favorite seat while flying with Porter Airlines


Fly with the leading Canadian airline Porter if you are planning a trip to the United States. You will get plenty of complimentary services and most comfortable seats offered by any airlines. Thus, without hesitation book with Porter Airlines and enjoy a smooth journey.

Do I have to pay for choosing my seat?

To answer this legitimate question, it depends upon the type of fare you have bought and your VIPorter status. If you have a ticket booked, you can check if it is chargeable or not by going to Manage My Booking tab. Here, you can go to Add/Change Seats link in your Travel Options checklist, and follow the instructions to know it.

Hear the seat selection fees are charged per passenger for each flight segment and are inclusive of taxes. One can identify the flight segment by checking the change in the flight number. Each flight number represents one flight segment. The dedicated services of Porter Airlines Reservations will take care of all your needs and assistance.

What kinds of seats are offered by Porter Airlines?

When you fly with Porter Airlines, it gives you a choice to select the seat of your preference. You can choose among types of seats that come in three categories with Porter airlines. These are:

  • Classic seat
  • Premium seat
  • Premium PLUS seat3

To give a little insight into these three categories of seats, read below:

Classic seat: choose aisle or window seat as per your convenience. If you are travelling with a friend, then enjoy the flight together.

Premium seat: If you in a bit of a hurry, sit closer to the front for a quicker exit. Here you will enjoy the comfort of relaxing on the premium leather seat and enjoy the view.

Premium PLUS seat: These are the best seat in the entire plane, where you can stretch out more with the extra legroom. Also, you get to enjoy the complimentary drinks and snacks before anyone else.

Note: Seat selection is not available for flights operated by our interline partners.

Planning To Travel With Children?

If you are planning a trip with your family, then we will help you make your trip a bit easier. In case you haven't selected the specific seats while booking, the airline will automatically reserve suitable seats for you approximately 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. However, if you can't be seated together, the team will work to ensure each child under 14 of age is seated with an adult travelling on the reservation. For that matter, indicate while making a reservation that you are with travelling with young children. Porter Airlines Check In makes sure you have a hassle-free process that saves your time and energy.

If you have a child travelling alone, one can go to the unaccompanied minor service, that will help you in choosing a suitable seat for them and look after them during the flight.