Explore the beauty of Boston city via SAS Airlines


Boston is a capital and largest city in Massachusetts, United States. It's one of the oldest city growing very fast and attracting millions of visitors every year. This city has plenty of things to do including amazing dining, photography, discovering wildlife and many more. The best thing is to explore the museums which explain the history of this city. The city is still among the country's most forward-thinking and barrier-breaking cities. So what are you waiting for? Plan your journey now through SAS Airlines. Get amazing offers and deals on your booking.

Read on the blog to see some beautiful places you can visit in Boston city:

Franklin Park zoo

Located in Boston, Franklin Park Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Massachusetts. It is a home of more than 1000 animals and 220 different species. The mission of this zoo is to inspire tourists to sustain and protect the natural world by delivering engaging experiences. The zoo is beautifully designed and easy to navigate with lots of interesting exhibits. This place is a lovely outing for all the explorers. This is the only zoo that has a special space for a playground. Enjoy your colourful train ride and explore the whole zoo more happily. It's a great way to see wildlife and serene landscape. Plan your journey to experience the wildlife of Boston City. Book your journey through SAS Reservations.

New England Aquarium

This aquarium is a well-known aquarium for marine conservation and ocean exploration. It draws millions of visitors every year as well as being a primary public education resource. You will see the multistory level tank which is filled with fascinating sea life. Also, with helpful software that is attached to glass viewing panels that enables you and the family to identify its inhabitants. There is lots of mesmerizing marine life to explore, from stingray touching pools to little sharks and from horseshoe crabs to starfish. Little ones will love the star attraction, the penguins and the great amusement they explore when they head towards the eating area. Get an experience of amazing aquatic life in Boston city. Book your journey through SAS Airlines. Also, get impressive offers on your booking.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is one of the biggest parks in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. You will see beautiful public gardens which were created in 1634 and recreated in the Victorian Age. This park is offering over 80 species of plants which are worth-exploring. Exclusive floral patterns were created using the very new techniques of hybridizing and propagating. It is leading to the importing of exotic trees and plants. It is an ideal place to study about the plants and their creation. A popular attraction for all the family when you head to the popular Swan Boats, operated and created over 100 years ago. What's more? You will experience the lovely lake, fountains, and a variety of trees.

Apart from these places, Boston city has several numbers of beautiful spots to discover. Plan your visit now to Boston city through SAS Reservations. You also get an offer on business as well as first-class booking.