Explore the lesser known Fort Myers with JetBlue Airlines Flights


If you could even imagine leaving the many beautiful shades of grey that area Cincinnati winter, get on the first thing moving faster than you to the nearest beach. For many people, that means hopping JetBlue Airlines Flights directly to Ft. Myers, Florida, do not pass go. You will for sure miss your flight then. Rookie move! Therefore, after a short detour through Detroit, the plane touched down where the palm trees sway and the retirees abound. While when you are in Fort Myers, you must do all the typical beach things sunsets, walk the beach, etc. Here are a few lesser-known things that you must experience.

Squeeze in Sun Harvest Citrus

What is the one thing Florida is known for other than beaches and Disney?! ORANGES!! So it only makes sense to visit a place where they make some of the freshest OJ in town! Sun Harvest is conveniently located on the way to and from the airport so it makes an easy, must-see attraction. Check out the packinghouse to see how oranges are distributed, unfortunately, we were there on an off day so we didn't get to see any orange action. The highlight of the visit is tasting all the wonderful citrus and freshly squeezed juices. There is no charge for the tasting and it was some of the best citruses we ever had the pleasure of shoving in our mouth holes. The only thing concentrate in this place is the folks concentrating on how much citrus they are going to take home. You can rent a condo and opt to get a half-gallon of juice to take with you and enjoy all week and plenty of fresh citruses! The one other thing you must do is get a JetBlue Airlines Booking, Trust me, you won't regret it.

Manatee Park

If you have ever wanted to see one of these gentle giants come to Manatee Park during the winter months. Manatees escape to these warmer waters during periods when the gulf dips below 68 degrees. While you won't get to see them in the clean and clear tank like at the zoo, you get to see them in the wild. You can even rent kayaks to get up close and personal with all the marine visitors to Manatee Park. Admission to the park is free, but you will have to pay for parking which is very nominal. You can gorge yourself on an appetizing lunch and grab the feel of a huge manatee waddling its way through the park. Book yourself JetBlue Airlines Tickets and enjoy yourself on all trips.

Go Shelling on Sanibel Island

The Island of Sanibel and Captiva make for a great day trip if you are not already staying on the island. You would never see a beach with so many shells. Literally SHELLS 4 DAYZ!!! A walk on the beach will leave you with your hands so full of shells that you fear you may drop one of your treasures walking to your car. The entire beach is a shell bonanza, but if you watch the locals and those who visit frequently they know the secret to a good shell is to get in the water to look or comb the beach before anyone else gets there. If you are lucky enough you might get the joy of watching dolphins swim within a few feet. Check out the lighthouse and the walking trail around it.

Life is boring when you try only mundane things. So get started and explored the unexplored part of Fort Myers with your favorite travel partner JetBlue Airlines Flights.