Know all that you can get free via Alaska Airlines Flights


We may not be aware of too conscious to ask for the certain services offered by the leading airlines. So we have compiled the bunch of these items so you don't feel awkward if you ask for it next time while you fly. This will include food, beverages, and other goodies are still found on flights around the world. Enjoy with Alaska Airlines Flights that is offering special packages and discounts this summer.

Still Feeling Snaky? Ask for Extra Snacks

Well, one thing you could be sure of is that you would get snacks without any charges. For the first time you ask for a little bag of pretzels of peanuts, you can again ask for extra if you feel a bit hungry. It would be rare that they would be running low on it, otherwise, they have no reason to say no to you. So ask for it with confidence.

Hurt yourself or Feeling sick?

There could be a mishap anytime and anywhere and not all the time you carry our first aid kit with you, but one thing you can be sure of is that you are covered while you are flying. If you get yourself a cut, scrape, or minor illness, you will immediately be treated right on board the plane. The team carries a basic medical kit to get you out of discomforts. You will get headache and stomach medicine, burn creams and bandages are usually available onboard the aircraft.

Low on water? Ask for a refill

If you are carrying a reusable water bottle that is always a good idea, you can ask the airline personnel to get a refill for you. There won't be any charges for that and you can drink through your own bottle. So keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the flight. Alaska Airlines Reservations will give you the best deals and offers all around the world.

Don't mind asking for Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

These two items are quite handy when it comes to flying or for matter wherever you are. Getting sick and flying is a usual thing and you can't postpone your programs so in case you are coughing you can surely like to have those tissues and sanitizer.

Get comfortable by asking for blankets and Pillows

If you want to get comfortable you can ask for blankets and pillows. These are usually kept somewhere but if you need to keep it with you can ask for it. If you need a bit of more or you wish to layer up your blanket or ask for more than one pillow, just go for it.

Ask for a local newspaper to keep up with the world around

You can ask for a newspaper to keep yourself busy and engaged no matter what time you choose. Simply ask the airline personnel and know all about what is happening around. There won't be any charges applicable for it. Mostly people like scrolling through the app but one can choose the more traditional way of reading.

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