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In 1903 when the first successful aircraft of Wright brothers flew in the sky like a bird, that day, a new industry took birth- Aviation industry. Since then, this industry is flourishing rapidly, especially from the late 20th century. There are numerous airlines available in the market, but only a few successfully gained recognition among passengers. Alaska Airlines is one of those few airlines that successfully gained a name on the international level. One of the best features of Alaska Airlines Flights is its cabin class features; in this blog, read about them in detail.

About the Airline

Alaska Airlines started its journey in the year of 1932, operating from a single airport, and now it's the fifth-largest airline of the USA. Together with Alaska and its regional partner work an extensive domestic route and mainly connect the state of Alaska to over a hundred destinations in the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Alaska Airlines carry millions of passengers each year using its massive fleet of 336 aircraft to 116 destinations. It's premium services, and heart-warming hospitality helps Alaska to earn many tiles and rank, such as the airline won the title of highest customer satisfaction of the traditional airlines ranked by J. D. Power and Associates for twelve consecutive years.

Cabin Classes of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Reservations offers three types of cabin classes in its flights - Main Economy, Premium Class, and First Class. It doesn't provide a Business class service.

Main Cabin- Economy class

Main The cabin is the most basic cabin class of the airline and also treat as the Economy class. Within this cabin, travelers get two different fares to choose from - The main cabin fare and the saver fare. The saver fare option can be treated as a basic economy, which comes with few restrictions. The main cabin fare has a number of additional perks, more flexibility, and options.

Facilities- Passengers get a wide variety of delicious food and beverages menu along with meals available for ordering in long-haul flights. On-board Wi-Fi is available for purchase, and complimentary inflight entertainment is available for all.

Seats- Each seat of the cabin is made from leather and has ample space along with a USB and power outlet fitted to every seat.

Premium Class- Premium Economy

This the class option comes with the same benefits that Main cabin passengers, but with extra perks to make flight experience more comfortable and convenient.

Facilities- Each passenger of this class gets complimentary beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) along with a delicious complimentary snack. Other perks include premium boarding and seating.

Seats - Each seat is made out of soft and expensive leather and has 4 inches extra legroom in comparison to Main Cabin seats.

First Class

If you want to experience luxury while traveling with Alaska, then you must choose the First-class that famous for its highest standard of service.

Facilities- Passengers can order a complimentary meal up to 24 hours before take-off. Other perks include a free entertainment tablet during the flight and a soft quilted blanket. Food and drink in First Class are complimentary.

Seats- This cabin class seats come with more legroom in comparison to other classes and have more recline along with 40 inches of pitch.

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