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Want to live life to fullest, maybe there is any better place than Las Vegas, just kidding, there is no other place like fabulous Vegas. In Spanish, Las Vegas means "the meadow" well; this city actually feels like a meadow in the desert of Nevada. Las Vegas may be known for gambling, nightlife, and easy weddings but this city is so much more than slot machines, poker tables, and wedding chapels. Yes, Vegas is the hub of gambling but besides poker table experience, this city has so much more like visiting the world in few seconds, experience the magical movie moments in most filmed resorts. No matter what is your goals for the trip- fun, adventure, relaxing or do something different, you name it, this city has it. Let's go around the Vegas and see what this can offer you. Explore Vegas; fly with Aeromexico Airlines and save money.

In this blog- read about some of the top tourist attractions and activities to do in Las Vegas: 

The Strip- Most famous place

Location- North end- Sahara Avenue to South end - Russell Road

The fabulous Strip is the beating heart of the Vegas and home of the world's most famous and glamorous casinos and resorts. Most of the fun of Vegas resides in this 4.7 miles long stretch from famous The Paris hotels to Hangover movie famed Caesar place. The over-the-top casinos that allow visitors to visit different countries and see world-famous landmarks without setting foot off The Strip, officially known as Las Vegas Boulevard. Here, Casinos feature attractions from pirate ships to great Egyptian monuments to circus acts and gorgeous botanical gardens.

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Caesars Palace- experience magical movie moments

Location- The Strip

A larger-than-life resort, Caesars Palace was a dream of Jay Sarno which becomes reality when this fabulous resort opened in 1966. Decorated with fountains and pools along with employees in Roman-themed uniforms, it was an immediate hit and set the high standard for the themed-hotels that are so common in Vegas now. This fabulous resort appeared ion many famous Hollywood movies including the Academy Award-winning film Rain Main and the 2009 hit comedy The Hangover. Las Vegas is a whole emotion for travelers in itself but when you add two things together, it's gonna be an absolute blast. Live like a king and have fun in Vegas.

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International Pizza Expo- Unique Convention

Location- Convention Centre, Vegas

Pizza- this is not just food that satisfies hunger but love for many. Maybe pizza is the most favorite food in the whole world; every country has a different version and flavors of the pizza. Imagine you can taste Pizzas with a touch of different lands, yup sounds delicious. Sin City is not only famous for gambling but also famous for its unique conventions, every year all pizza lovebirds gather in the International Pizza Expo to taste a little slice of heaven. This four-day event is technically a trade show with hundreds of booths and seminars on pizzeria management. But it's also an extravaganza, a perfect place for pizza-lovers, and the site of the World Pizza Games and International Pizza Challenge, where the most valiant and creative pizza makers prove their talent in front of a live audience. It's also a great platform to showcase pizza making talent and grab the attention of the biggest names in the food industry.

This is like a tip of the iceberg; the whole humongous list of 'things to do' is waiting for you in Vegas. Book tickets easily via Aeromexico Reservations and Create memories in your happy journey!