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This historic city of Europe's most prosperous nation has what any dream city would be like. Rich in its culture with amazing artists inspired and produced by London, it is still setting the benchmarks for the world. The culture is a mix of history and modern society that has incorporated on the best of the world has offered. The royalty is what attracts many tourists with an incredible structure called Buckingham Palace where the queen lives. Plan your London tour with Malaysia Airlines with best deals one can avail.

Since the city is also the capital of the United Kingdom, you can get a visit to the Parliament. Every sight here is worth a visit, and to be honest one visit may not be enough to embrace the splendidness of the city. It has the Tower of London, which has its rich history and the avant-garde Tate Modern, which are both must-visit sites.
Its weather is a bit dicey, and rain is just a usual thing in the city, you should better come prepared with a rain jacket, boots, and a handy umbrella. In British culture, pubs are a big thing, so don't get surprised if you find most of the full even through the week. Some of the outlets are as old as centuries, so don't mind slipping in and enjoy a pint or two. Malaysia Airlines can be done online at quite competitive rates.

Enjoy London's food! 

Since the blast of globalization, you will find plenty of food options in this city. In addition, there are food tours offered to visitors as well. However, if you really want to visit some best restaurants, here are few to name:

  • The Langham
  • The Lanesborough
  • Claridge's
  • St. John
  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
  • The Attendant Café

Now, we will give you a few top places to visit and experience London at its best:

Tower of London

Don't go by the exterior of this historical structure, which may appear to be little offsetting. However, once you get inside the building, you will be enthralled by all the amazing things that are waiting for you. Since it has multiple towers, you can visit most of them as a public visitor. Here you can enjoy the crown jewels exhibition, which displays the Imperial State Crown and Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. You can also choose to take an entertaining tour by the Yeoman Warders, who will give you numerous account of its bloody past. Since you're here at the Tower of London, don't miss out on the White Tower, which is a symbol of London's heritage and one of the world's most famous castles. In here you will witness the artifacts from Henry VIII, Charles I and James II, which are approximately 350-year old.

National Gallery

With over 2,300 in-house pieces, tourists will find famed paintings, namely Botticelli's 'Venus and Mars' and Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. This prestigious museum features paintings in the Western European tradition from the 13th to 19th centuries. These include Italian Renaissance masterpieces and French Impressionist works. If you are a bit unsure what to visit and what not, you can take a free, an hour-long tour covering most of the best exhibition sites.

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